Specialized permanent hiring services within the Quant niche

Adding a permanent member to your team, whether junior-, medior-, experienced- or leadership-level, requires a solid understanding of not only the skillset required to succeed but also the cultural and personal fit factors at play. Vye has been a trusted partner in the quant talent niche since 2008 and knows what it takes to find a durable match in this challenging market. We focus exclusively on professionals with a Masters’ or PhD Degree in a quantitative discipline. Within this segment Vye focusses on: Data Science & Analytics, Data Engineering, Quantitative Finance, Operational Excellence and (Strategic) Consulting.



Attaining a MSc or PhD degree in a quantitative field gives people a unique position in todays’ job market. But the wide range of options can be overwhelming when you’re just starting off in your career. Dive into hands-on data analytics or move towards client facing consulting? And does the one in fact exclude the other? What are differences between companies that you can’t make out from their website or vacancy texts? Vye’s Campus Consultants bring a solid understanding of todays’ quantitative job market and are able to give an inside look based on long term relationships with clients. Furthermore, based on a personal intake they can advise candidates on which direction is most likely to suit their motivation and ambitions for future growth.

Young executive

Experienced candidates in data science, -engineering, quant finance, strategy/business consulting or related fields can find it hard to define their next role or to get a feel with companies beyond hear-say and websites. Consultants in Vye’s Experienced Hires team understand that the search for a next career move is not an easy job. Based on a personal intake we’ll explore relevant opportunities matching specific experience, motivation and ambitions. Be it within or outside their comfort zone, local or international, but always reliable and discrete.

Executive search

Vye maintains a powerful network in the senior segment. Finding the right executive for building, scaling, leading and directing your data, risk or strategy organization is not an easy task. An executive search facilitated by Vye always starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation, in which not only peers but also the team or business unit the new executive will be leading will help in defining the role. What type of candidate will have sufficient credibility and common ground with the quantitative experts in the teams, but is also able to represent their added value at the top of your own and your client’s organizations? Vye believes a match at the executive level moves beyond just candidate and requirements, and a hiring process should thus involve the team, business unit and company as a whole.

Our experts

Our niche

Since our founding in 2008 the relevance and importance of data and (automated) mathematics has surged from our initial focus in the financial sector into almost all commercial and non-commercial settings – from retail and logistics to sports and foundations. In our view, quantitative talent is not bound by sector expertise, but finds it’s strength in applying analytical, modelling and abstract reasoning ability in a variety of settings. At Vye we thus focus on understanding the underlying skillset of quantitative talent and use this focus in recruiting, training and retaining of experts in practically all sectors.

Way of working

Vye’s mission consists of assisting both client and professional in finding and sustaining the right match from a qualitative advisory position. Striving for a meaningful and productive business partnership for the long run, Vye recognizes the value of a true match between expert and company. Managing expectations, facilitating personal guidance and a direct & clear line of communication are thus at the core of our approach.
Intake with hiring manager & team
Scoping of relevant companies, universities, affiliations and Vye network
Active approach of relevant candidates
Face-to-face interview with interested candidates
Selection of top matches
Introduction to client including resume and personal profile
Guidance throughout application process
Optional advice in negotiations
Aftercare for both client and candidates