Privacy Policy


Vye maintains a powerful network in the senior segment. Finding the right executive for building, scaling, leading and directing your data, risk or strategy organization is not an easy task. An executive search facilitated by Vye always starts with a thorough analysis of the current situation, in which not only peers but also the team or business unit the new executive will be leading will help in defining the role. What type of candidate will have sufficient credibility and common ground with the quantitative experts in the teams, but is also able to represent their added value at the top of your own and your client’s organizations? Vye believes a match at the executive level moves beyond just candidate and requirements, and a hiring process should thus involve the team, business unit and company as a whole.

Processing of personal data

In the context of Vye Professionals’ services as indicated above (when you make use of our (interactive) services, are subscribed to our publications or are in any other way or form in contact with Vye Professionals), Vye Professionals documents and saves data. Vye Professionals uses this data for the execution of its services, for its other services and to keep clients, group companies or carefully selected third parties up to date of (new) products and services. If you have selected “vacancies by e-mail”, your personal data will be used to provide you with the latest vacancies based on the preferences you have indicated.

Uploading your resume

If you have registered for an online Vye Professionals account and have uploaded your resume, this data may be provided to our clients for searching, consulting and getting in touch with you. Your profile can only be consulted by a client of Vye Professionals if you have given permission to do so when filling in your profile. Clients who ask for resumes matching your profile may receive your profile and resume through e-mail or a (secure) online portal. These clients may operate in the areas of job placement, consultancy or other areas.

Please note that your current employer may be registered as one of our clients or as a client of one of our clients. Vye Professionals will take effort in preventing your resume being distributed to these parties, but cannot limit online applications for certain clients and can in no way be held responsible for any damages as a result hereof.

You can choose to (temporarily) withhold personal data, your profile or resume from our clients. You can also choose to make your profile anonymously available to our clients, i.e. without identifiable personal data or your resume. Your profile will then be available to our clients under a unique number. You can then choose to reveal your personal data when replying.

We point out that some of our visitors may be located outside the European Economic Area, where the level of the protection of personal data can vary from the level of the protection of personal data in the Netherlands.

If you choose to create an online profile and upload your resume to our database, we trust you to keep your data up-to-date. You are required to update your resume at least every six months, especially when your contact details have changed. Your resume and profile will be kept in our database for 18 months. If your personal data, resume, profile or contact details are not updated in that period, we will delete your profile and resume from our database. You can at all times log in to your account and update your personal data, resume, profile or contact details. At that moment, we will re-upload your resume and profile to our database.

Vye Professionals retains the right to remove resumes or profiles from its database of which contents are against the law or in any way or form offensive.

Vye Professionals may use the provided or collected data for analytical purposes, such as analyzing employment trends such as average salary. This information will always be used anonymously, so that it cannot be traced back to any specific person.

Agreement with our privacy policy

By using our services in any way or form you will agree with the contents of this privacy statement and Vye Professionals processing your data for providing its products and services. Vye Professionals will at any moment retain the right to make adaptations to its privacy policy. For questions regarding this privacy statement or services provided by Vye Professionals, reach out to us by sending an email to or giving us a call at +31 (0) 20 5141409